About me…

So since I can not work this webside out, I make a little piece about myself.

My name is Emmy and I am from Sweden. But I love to travel. One day I have travelled around the world. The good thing with travelling is that you make new friends and you have friends all over the world. Love it!

Okay, about my blog. I got brain cancer when I was 26 years old and were in Australia. Watch the videos from the downside and up. I explain how I realised that something was wrong, got a death sentence and how I am now.




Part 8-The Last Episode

Big thank you for all of you that been listening. This is me talking about how I feel today and a massive thank you to everyone.

One thing I have said, and still mean, is that I want to take every person’s pain and sickness. I can carry them all and it will be worth it.


Part 7

Here I explain a little of what happens after the surgery. We are two telling the story, Kuzco and I. Kuzco is taken from Emperor’s New Style. The surgeron didn’t say hell no, but he’s really specific when he tells me about a second surgery. He also tells me that he wishes every patient was like me, positiv.

Excuse my really squeaky voice. I got squeak disease 😉


Part 4

This is Part 4. Here I explain how I got my death sentence. I think we all can agree on that is not fair. My grammar is a little bit weird but a big part of it is that I am so sensitve. Also explain what you should do when I am dead. Thank you so much for listening and watching!